Medical Equipment designed and made in Taranaki, New Zealand

With over 65 years of experience in our field, we pride ourselves in providing you with the very best solution to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Tasman Trolleys and Medical Equipment is an award-winning New Zealand designer and manufacturer of of high quality medical equipment, storage solutions, workstations, and medical service accessories. As our solutions can be customised, we can make sure your specific requirements are met – every time.

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Did you know you can customise all our trolleys?

You can specify size, colours and extra features to create a medical trolley that works for you and your medical facility. View some of our most recent custom examples.

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The Tasman Difference

Tasman Trolleys and Medical Equipment has made medical trolleys, carts and cabinets from our award-winning manufacturing site in Taranaki for over 65 years. The majority of our components are sourced from our New Zealand partners including aluminium, plastics and boards. Our company is women-led, with a small dedicated team who aim to provide well-made products with a great user and customer experience.

Contact us if you would like more information on a particular trolley or to custom design a trolley to meet your specific needs.

All products are completely customisable
Over 65 years' experience
Extensive after-sales service & support
5-year, renewable warranty
All materials locally-sourced from trusted partners