The Forever Metal – Anodised Aluminium

Tasman Trolleys are made from New Zealand-sourced natural anodised aluminium extrusions using our unique interlocking assembly system. Our New Zealand-sourced aluminium can be recycled indefinitely due to its high intrinsic value and as such aluminium is often described as the forever metal. Our natural anodised aluminium ensures years of durability protecting against corrosion and scratching. At Tasman, we use aluminium for our posts, drawers and rails. These aluminium components are easy to clean using warm water and detergent, rinse well.

Tasman Medical Aluminium the forever metal.


Using our unique interlocking assembly system we combine aluminium with cabinets made from double-sided low-pressure melamine available in a wide range of colours. Melamine panels are made to cope with life’s knocks and carry a 10-year warranty.  Our New Zealand-sourced melamine carries Eco Choice Aotearoa accreditation.

Melamine is low maintenance and easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. Spills, slashes, stains and greasy fingerprints should be tackled early with warm water and detergent or a general-purpose spray and wipe cleaner. Important: Always wipe with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth after cleaning to remove moisture. Never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools on Melamine such as; Jif, Vim, Brasso, steel wool or abrasive sponges. We also recommend caution in using bleach and alcohol-based cleaners. Do not use citrus-based cleaners as these may cause damage and leave a icky residue on the surface.

Work surfaces and shelves

Worktop surfaces, including shelves, are made from high-pressure laminate which is impervious to moisture. Many trolleys feature removable and reversible solid laminate shelves. Impervious to moisture, these shelves are easy to clean and can handle detergent & disinfectant wipes. The shelving and the worktops can be either white or grey.

Drawers with full extension

Tasman Trolleys drawers feature European-designed full extension steel runners with a total drawer weight rating of 45kgs (including the drawer). Guided by 2 ball cages for easy glide operation. The drawer can be easily detached from the central runner rail. These runners have a limited lifetime warranty. Tasman Trolleys drawers come in three standard height options. Small (83mm internal height), medium (128mm internal height) and large (178mm internal height). It is possible to increase the height of the drawer to accommodate specific sizes. Soft close runners are only used on our Podiatry Trolleys, however, can be requested for other products if required.


Tasman Trolleys use 100mm castors as the standard configuration. Depending on the model, this can be either Nylon reinforced or steel castors. With some models and also on request we can use large castors such as 125mm.  Many of our bedside lockers feature 50mm castors. Stainless steel products will feature stainless castors as standard.

Critical sustainable board

Sustainable Panels

Tasman Trolleys have partnered with CriticalDesign to produce our most sustainable medical trolley. This stunning option is allows us to use 100% Recycled Plastic Panels to elevate your sustainability targets. Critical Board is made in New Zealand from 100% reclaimed NZ plastic waste, our panels come in a variety of pre-designed finishes. And, at the end of their life, we buy them back to recycle into new boards over and over again.  We can even work with your facility to remove plastic from your site to be used as waste in the manufacturing of Critical Board.


Our standard medical trolley drawer & cabinet standard colours are

  • Prime Grey (G)
  • Prime White (W)

We offer the following premium colours and an Anti-Microbial white or alternatively, can match to your specific requirements. 


Did you know you can customise all our trolleys?

You can specify size, colours and extra features to create a medical trolley that works for you and your medical facility. View some of our most recent custom examples.

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