Real-time Asset Tracking Spotto


Time is precious. ‍Stop wasting it looking for your equipment.

Spotto Overview

Spotto Bluetooth-based indoor equipment tracking is a powerful technology that helps hospitals keep track of their assets in real-time, using low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to create a vast network of trackable equipment.

By far the most transformational advantage of Spotto indoor tracking is its ability to quickly locate lost or misplaced assets. By providing real-time location data, hospitals can reduce the time and effort spent searching for assets, freeing up resources for better patient care. In many cases the search time for a piece of equipment is minutes rather upwards of 30 minutes to hours per equipment.

Patient safety and overall quality of care is paramount to any hospital and Spotto can reduce the occurrence of adverse events like patient falls when the correct equipment is located immediately. This is all too familiar to care teams who weren’t able to find the correct bed for an elderly patient, or even bariatric equipment – risking the staff wellbeing too.

Learn more about healthcare asset management and Spotto. Or estimate the total cost of value of time wasted looking for equipment.

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