Child and Forced Labour / Modern Day Slavery


Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment does not engage in nor condone the unlawful employment or exploitation of children in the workplace or the use of forced labour. Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment complies with New Zealand child labour laws and supports efforts to combat modern slavery (

Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment also explicitly prohibits the use of forced labour, i.e., any work or service that a worker performs involuntarily, under the threat of penalty.

Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment will work collaboratively with those in our supply chain to identify and eradicate any instances of modern slavery. Should Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment become aware that any supplier does not meet Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment’s expectations in respect of ethical practice, we will engage directly with the supplier and develop an action plan to remedy the breach in a transparent, timely and efficient manner. If the supplier is not cooperative, appropriate action will be taken by Tasman Trolleys™ & Medical Equipment, including terminating the business relationship, if necessary.

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