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Veterinary Trolleys & Carts

Veterinary trolleys serve as indispensable tools in the efficient and effective delivery of veterinary care. Tasman Trolleys™ carts are designed with attention to detail, incorporating features that cater to the unique needs of animal healthcare professionals. Veterinary trolleys offer a versatile storage solution, equipped with multiple compartments and shelves to accommodate various medical supplies, medications, and diagnostic equipment Contact us to see how we can help.
Dimension options

Width options (mm):
380, 430, 480, 530, 580, 630, 680, 730, 780, 830, 880 mm

Depth options (mm):
380, 430, 480, 530, 580 mm

Standard height (mm):
900 mm including the castors

Note: height will vary depending on the number of drawers

Drawer height options
  • Small (75 mm internal height)
  • Medium (125 mm internal height)
  • Large (175 mm internal height)
  • Guard rails (75mm height)
  • Optional pull-out shelf for an extended work surface
  • Wall buffers
  • Castors: 4 x 100 mm H (2 with brakes)
  • 5-year warranty
Optional Extras