Refresh Warranty Program

Things to consider with our warranty.

  • Your Tasman Trolley should give you years of service. It is not uncommon to see our products still in use after 20+ years. You can renew this warranty for another five (5) years with our refresh warranty program.
  • Your Tasman Trolley has a five (5) year warranty on most components. Electrical components are 12 months. Please contact us if you have any issues.
  • Your Tasman Trolley frames are made from natural anodised aluminium extrusions. Cleaning this is easy. Use an abrasive cleaning technique with a gentle soap. An abrasive cleaning sponge with mild dishwashing liquid can work well. Do not use harsh acidic or alkaline cleansers because they may destroy the finish.
  • Worktop surfaces are made from high-pressure melamine. A soft cloth is recommended for cleaning. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cloths (e.g. steel wool) or cream cleaners as these may damage the surface.
  • Our refresh warranty program can be done on-site or the unit can be returned to us. As part of this process, Tasman will refresh the trolley with a full clean, replacement of castors and repair any minor damage. Please contact us to refresh your Tasman Trolley.
  • Should you like to recycle your unit if you think it is at the end of its life cycle, Tasman can arrange this for you and recycle as much as is feasible.
  • If a product does not comply please notify Tasman in writing of the defect during the Warranty Period, and within 10 business days of the defect coming to its notice, Tasman Trolley will, at its option, either repair the product, exchange the product for a new Product, or refund the price paid for the product and accept its return.
  • Please provide either a reference purchase order or invoice number for the purchase.

The warranty does not apply:

  • As a result of any acts or omissions by any person other than Tasman Trolley or any external cause
  • If the defect is due to the product being used for purposes other than for purposes for which it was intended or which do not fall within the scope of any regulatory approval.
  • to a product that has been modified without the written permission of Tasman Trolley
  • if the product has not been stored or transported in accordance with Tasman’s recommendations.
  • for the avoidance of doubt, the warranty does not cover any defects or damage to products caused by improper use, tampering or pollution.